Obstruction of the Colon

Colon obstruction is a mechanical disorder of the colon usually caused by narrowing of the lumen of the colon most commonly caused by colon carcinoma and resulting in inability of bowel contents to flow. Common causes include colon carcinoma (70%), ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s colitis, volvulus, hernia, fecal impaction, and diverticulitis. Uncommon causes include infections, infectious granulomatous disease, abscess, and parasitic disease. inflammatory retractile mesenteritis neoplasm growth abnormalities endometriosis imperforate anus mechanical bezoar meconium plug syndrome intussusception adhesions functional causes Ogilvie”s syndrome Hirschsprung’s disease rare causes pneumatosis coli common causes necrotizing enterocolitis ischemic necrosis obstruction obstructive pulmonary disease uncommon causes infection tuberculosis intestinal parasites inflammation ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease connective tissue disease graft –vs-host disease neoplasm leukemia mechanical disorders adynamic ileus iatrogenic steroid therapy colonoscopy